We provide free veterinary treatment and care for any injured wildlife. Members of the public are welcome to drop injured wildlife into our clinic where our veterinarians will triage the animal and provide it with emergency treatment until it can be sent for advanced care and rehabilitation with a wildlife carer or the RSPCA.

Upon presenting wildlife to our clinic you will be asked to fill out a Good Samaritan form (including your details and are where you found the animal) so if possible, the animal will be released into the appropriate location after it is rehabilitated.

Lost & found animals

We keep animal Lost and Found records for any members of the public who contact us to report their pet missing, or if they have found one.

If you have lost your pet please phone us so we can record your’s and your pet’s information. In the event somebody reports an animal with a similar description we will contact you immediately. Don’t forget to also register your pet as “lost” with your local council, the RSPCA and any veterinary or after hours clinics in your area.

If you have found a pet, similarly we can record your and the animals details in our registry. We are able to scan an animal for a microchip (at no cost to you) and try to locate an owner through the microchip database. Should the animal appear injured we can provide free veterinary care and treatment until its owner can be located.

At Pet Emergency we also work closely with the RSPCA, the pound, local councils and other entities to try an reunite lost and found animals with their owners.