Are you considering humane euthanasia for your pet?

There are many important decisions to make when you are a pet owner when it comes to the health and welfare of your pet. The hardest and most important of these decisions is when it comes time to say good bye to your family pet.

Our Pets are more than animals, but are important members of our families, our best mates and confidants. We develop special bonds with our pets during their lives and have many happy memories of our times together. So when our pet’s quality of life deteriorates due to age, disease or injury it can be difficult but we can give our beloved pets the ultimate respect, in humane euthanasia.

There are many decisions to be made when considering when it is time and at the time the procedure is performed. There are decisions to be made after the procedure is performed such as burial options.

When is it time?

Humane euthanasia is a very personal and emotional decision that is ultimately your decision as a pet owner.

If your pet does not appear to be getting enjoyment from day to day life, their bad days outnumber their good days, appear to be in pain, are no longer eating or drinking, it may be that their quality of life is poor and humane euthanasia may be the correct option.

Veterinarians are medical professionals who can provide you with any information you may have regarding your pet’s medical conditions and quality of life and can help discuss your pet's quality of life.

What to expect?

You pet will have an intravenous catheter placed, usually in a vein on their front leg.

One of our emergency clinicians will administer a painless injection of anaesthetic agent, which will anaesthetise your pet.

Next, an injection of concentrated anaesthetic agent will be administered, which will cause instantaneous respiratory and cardiac arrest. Your pet will pass quickly and painlessly.

Can I be present during the procedure?

This is a completely individual choice and our clinicians will support whichever decision you make.

Some people feel it is important to be there for their pet at this time. Others choose to say goodbye, but not be present and have the procedure immediately performed by one of our professionals.

You may or may not choose to see your pet after the procedure has been performed. Our professionals perform this procedure without judgement.

How can Pet Emergency help?

Pet Emergency can assist you with humane euthanasia of your pet and also provides burial and cremation services depending on your personal choice.

Services we provide

Humane euthanasia with consultation—

You can discuss your pet’s needs and quality of life with one of our emergency clinicians. They can discuss in detail both your pet's condition and long term quality of life with you, including other treatments available and prognosis.

Humane euthanasia without consultation—

You may have already made your decision regarding your pet’s quality of life and may elect to have the procedure performed by one of our emergency clinicians without consultation.

Burial options available—

Following your pet’s euthanasia, there are several options to consider for the handling of your pet’s remains.

Burial Information Companies—

Pets in Peace
07 3801 4518 (24/7)

Pets Eternal
1300 887 080 (24/7)

Pet Cemetery
07 3200 0121 (24/7)

Pet Emergency can assist you by organising burial, cremation or disposal of your pet. If you opt for burial or cremation by a professional service, we are able to make arrangements for collection by a licensed company. Alternatively you may elect to take your pet’s body home and handle your own arrangements.

Professional cremation and burial services—

Pet Emergency can arrange on your behalf for one of Brisbane’s Professional Pet Cemetery and Crematorium companies to contact you regarding their services. These companies offer private burial and individual cremation services depending on your individual needs.